It’s often said that if you want to truly learn a language, you must immerse yourself in the culture. This is the way that I am hoping to learn German, through listening to German music, watching German films and reading German books. So why not eating German food?

I enjoy cooking and I’ve made schnitzel and German potato salad before. I was researching breakfast ideas and found Bauern Frühstück . Its described as a hearty farmer’s breakfast made by frying bacon in a pan, then frying sliced potato in with the bacon, adding ham and veggies and pouring egg on top of it and scrambling everything together. I looooove egg breakfasts and although most of this stuff sounds fattening, in moderation it should be fine.

I dont know what I will be doing for lunch and dinners . The German diet seems to be a lot of bread, cheese and meats lol.

Bauern Frühstück (as interpreted by me)            The most DELICIOUS Chocolate!

Ritter-Sport Alpine Milk Chocolate








Second best Chocolate


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