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Guten tag! Mein Name ist Shannon und ich liebe Deutsch!

I am attempting to teach myself German the “immersion” way, without actually *living* in Germany or any German-speaking country, for that matter. Nein, ich wohne in Amerika. However, I am not going to let that hinder my process. At the moment, I have a Rammstein playlist on repeat and I also have a playlist of Disney songs in German, lol.

I watch native German shows, such as Wissen macht Ah! (which I admit I understand very little) and I have a few movies in German, such as “Goodbye Lenin!”, “The Edukators”, “Das Leben der Anderen” and I have more available to me via Netflix (such as “Sophie Scholl” which I am in the middle of watching). These are all the “American” versions though; in order to get my hands on authentic German videos, I need to purchase them off from amazon.de and also purchase a region-free dvd player (which is surprisingly affordable at around $30USD) .

I am awaiting the arrival of my first German comic, “Tim und Struppi- In Tibet” from an independent seller on the American amazon.com. Super excited to get that and if I find that I like them, I am planning on buying more and building my German comic collection.

I also own some books completely in German and other dual-language (obv. English/German) books. On my kindle, I own many German children’s books ( I will list all of these in the “bücher” section of this site).

My browser is set in German, as well as my email and my Facebook account. I am doing some “traditional” things though, such as learning verbs and conjugations. However, I am currently only learning the 55 “essential” German verbs (according to “Baron’s”) and their present tense conjugations, and this is all to help me be able to read easier. I have learned all 55 words and still keep reviewing them until I know them all perfectly.

My NYR is to become fluent in German by August 2013 because I am planning a 3 week long trip to Germany and want to know as much German as possible by  then.